Ideal Valentine and Fun!


“My ideal is anything, because if I receive anything…that is great! Because, I don’t get anything!!” (Yama-chan)

Can you her Yama-chan pleading? I hope he gets one next year!

“Ordinary is good yo. It’s common, suddenly giving it at the back of the gymnasium…” (Yuuto)

Hahaha can you just give them chocolates?
I feel sorry for these kids! 😆

“Even if it was handed it to me on a place where everyone is,
I won’t be ashamed…..” (Chii)

“So it was a day that no one was able to raise their hand…” (Dai-chan)

“During the announcement, they perfectly gave me a I-have-to graduate pressure… This is now I don’t have a choice ne…” (Inoo-chan)

Well that’s what usually happens, at least you went to university!

This translation is old I think. He passed like last summer….ne?

[credits to]
* happy-chammy from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on September 13, 2009.

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