HS7 Reminisce their JR days~

One of the best interviews ever!
Definitely a must read!!

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Like I said before, Yama-chan’s story had a sequel!

Yamada: Yeah. But in school, people think I’m scary so none of the girls talks to me (laughs). Since other people couldn’t really do anything about it, I tried to do something on my own; I tried to fit into a locker (laughs).

Nakajima: Yeah! All of a sudden, I hear huge clanking sounds, and when I looked at the lockers, Yamachan was trying to fit into it (laughs).

Yamada: After that, that image sort’ve fell and people don’t fear me anymore (laughs).

HS7 reminiscing their JR days! 😀

Chii’s *angelic smile*…Yama-chan as Ryuutaro’s back ?!

Hahaha! Yama-chan must be cursing him since they were fighting a lot then before! 😆

Chinen: For me at first, I suddenly was in the movie “~Hattori” so it was really big, but after that, I walked a very long end-less tunnel (laughs).

Everybody: Ahahaha 😆

Yamada: I went there, I went there! It was like, “Wait, where is this~” (laughs).

Chinen: And when I went out of that tunnel, Yamachan and you guys were there.

Aww~ Being a JR is really tough but they made it!! 😀

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* itsu_made_mo from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on September 20, 2009.

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