Perfume in slow mo~

I just said how I love Yama-chan’s solo songs and guess what I found? Perfume slow mo version! Honto ni Yama-chan’s greatness! Mecha kakkoi is an understatement!…Atsui!!!

It sounds good enough even though the speed was just slowed down but can you imagine if he sang this actually in slow mo?!
With slow mo moves?! Kyaa~!!!!! XD

You can see how his dance is precise and in sync with the music/beat compared to his backers! Let’s admit it, Yama-chan is way better in dancing than most of his JR Senpais…And with Yama-chan performing, trust that the camera man’s effort in capturing his close up is not in vain, he’s got the best expressions and projections ever~ XD Who agrees with me? Please tell me I’m not just being to obsessive due to being desperately JUMP (esp Yama-chan) deprived these past few weeks…..

OMG!! I am JUMP deprived!! HS7 was his backers!!!! Bwahahaha!!! Gomen ne Yuuto, Chii, Ryuutaro and Keito fans! (I am one too!) But Yama-chan really was dancing better than them! Bwahaha!! πŸ˜†

Although, Chii is also atsui! πŸ˜›
Smooth moves Chii~!
Esp with the “come here” finger in “Yabai…” πŸ˜€

[credits to]
* 0makexmexhappy0 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on September 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “Perfume in slow mo~”

  1. hahah! You are not obsessed! Yamachan is a great dancer ( I’d say he is probably one of the best at JE but then does that make me really biased?) ^_^

  2. hahaha! but he really is! aside from Ohno I don’t know any JE who can dance better than him!

  3. neh~!neh~!
    hahah…i just want to ask if the real video of his solo the same date he performs that is out in youtube, just wanna hear his kakkoi voice singing perfume..its been a long time since i heared him sing his solo..haha,btw…his so kakkoi singing that…nice slow mo~!^^
    hope he sings that in slow mo~ sometime now..hahah
    just loving yamada ~β™₯

  4. i think it was deleted… he performed this when JUMP was on shonen club as all JRs are on KAT-TUN’s last dome con….

  5. it was uploaded again~

  6. kya~!!!!!!chinen-kun kakkoi~!!!hehehe

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