Yama-chan: Don’t pose for AnAn!

I really don’t know what to say. Hahaha~ πŸ˜†
I LOVE the introduction!


With those mesmerizing eyes and those lips, we have the sexy member of Hey! Say! JUMP, Yamada Ryosuke, aged 16. With the seductive dance along with those glances he gave, all of the members agreed that he was the most erotic, but the real person denies so. An exquisite balance of innocence and amorousness, let’s all pay more attention to the star of the new generation!

[More Pics here!]

I was surprised when I saw this article but happy at the same time to find Yama-chan in a new and different interview. It was short but what really made my day was reading the comments! What is AnAn? I was so curious as wiki said it’s a fashion or girl magazine whatever, but to beg Yama-chan not to pose like Jin did? πŸ˜† That really surprised me! But Jin really pawned that photo shoot!
Really living up to his bad boy image!

Whenever I read interviews regarding Yama-chan’s “sexiness”, I really feel “kindah” sorry for him in a funny way coz he’s always insisting that he’s a normal person! πŸ˜† Yep, he’s really normal. He’s loud, dorky and corny sometimes, not really caring about his image as Yuuto always ends up covering his face when he does something un-idol-like but, if not for his good looks and bewitching charm everyone will believe him when he says he’s normal! πŸ˜†

He acts like a normal kid but simply because of that single thing called charm, it changes everything! When he’s up on stage or filming in front of a camera, naturally his work mode turns on and he internalizes the character he has to portray or attitude he has to project…but the way he’s doing it, how he dance, the way he moves, the way he looks at the camera, how he glances, projects…honestly I’ve never seen a then 12 yo boy and say “this kid is sexy!” and yeah he really is and nobody will argue that! And he becomes more and more seductive as he grows up each day! It also doesn’t help that he realizes how to manipulate that charm and uses it in every possible way. This kid knows how a mere 3 second exposure can make a statement and he’s grabbing every opportunity he’s given!

Now you’re wondering how I ended up fangirling Yama-chan? I was watching Tantei SP and this cute kid with puni puni cheeks suddenly looked my way (okay more of Kyuu and Megu’s, but still!) and at that moment he got me interested! He’s not trying to be cool or act sexy but because he can afford to be. When he is asked, he can deliver it and he does it good. Plus his natural charm….? Well that’s just one formula how to be like Yama-chan and I’ve never seen any other kid who can do it like him! Even JUMP who he’s always with, seeing both his normal and work mode says how glamorous he is just proves that behind that act in front of the camera is a hint of truth.

I might look like this but I’m really normal most of the time (laughs)

A great actor who’s a good person can act as a bad character. A bratty actress can act as a cute innocent girl. Idols can act cool with “serious” expressions and bad boy gaze. But to be seductive? Unless you exude that charm you can never afford to be one.Β  So Yama-chan don’t waste your energy trying to make your group members believe that you’re normal coz you’re definitely not. You’re normal not in a normal way but in a unique way…
and I love it~! πŸ˜†

Ooh! But it doesn’t answer the question. So AnAn for Yama-chan anyone? Jin’s was so mature but YamaP’s a little tamer and even MatsuJun’s. I’m okay with the kissing shots but the full body….? Na-ah… Even if Yama-chan reaches 25 yo it would be too much. He’s perfectly fine with sexy photoshoots, topless and kiss is fine but to go beyond is likeΒ  “Nnoooo!!!”

(I just realized, I’m in full fangirling mode right now.
Ain’t I embarrassing?
And for the record this is my most mature post.
It’s not my fault they posed for AnAn!)

[credits to]
* honyaku_rakuen from LJ
* kokoro-chi from LJ
* jump_daisuki from LJ
* flytohigh from WP
* boys_paper from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on October 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “Yama-chan: Don’t pose for AnAn!”

  1. He is really charismatic of course and it is noticeable how he makes his best effort to perform flawlessly both on stage and in doramas.I agree he has natural charm too! But sexy? Uhmm…I wonder…XD I still think he is too young, but he is getting there, definitely!
    No Anan for him though, I hope not! XD But 5 or 6 years from now, he will be already old enough huh? XD

  2. WHOA THERE!! BAKANISHI!?!?! and Yamapi!?!?1 ahhhhh that is a NO NO! I think both have a sexy body but wat the eff!?!? O_O I’m totally in shock! I think yamachan should NOT pose for ANAN! too much damn it! lol

  3. exactly! i wanna keep his innocence for as long as it takes….

  4. only time will tell……^^

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