YamaJimaChii: Hori Seatmates~

Okay it’s more about healing but I like hearing about their school~


Chii:In reality at school, we sit close to each other and study together. Because right behind me is where Yuuto-kun sits, ne.

Yuuto: It’s Chii, me, and Yama-chan
and that completes a row (laughs.)

Staff: If Yuto’s in front,
then Yama-chan won’t be able to see the board…

Yuuto: Yamachhhhaaaan~!
They’re saying things about you—(laughs).

Yama-chan: I’m trying to find a spot where I don’t have to work a lot to see the board so don’t be worried about me, rawr!!

Hahaha! Yup! How can Yama-chan see?!!


Bwahahahah!! 😆
And yeah Yama-chan completely ditched his necktie.
How come the super strict “chairperson of public morals” Shida-chan didn’t scold him?! 😆

[credits to]
* itsu_made_mo from LJ
* vrawrena from LJ
* miraishida from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on October 6, 2009.

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