Yama-chan dating Mariya?! Hori Class Picture!

There’s only one thing I could say.
She’s taller than Yama-chan!
Need I say more?! πŸ˜†

Anyway, yeah she’s girly as far as I can see but I doubt about the dating… Yuuto and Suzuka definitely looks good together.
Suzuka is pretty and Yuuto stands out pretty well but
Mariya X Yama-chan? Not buying it…

What do you think?

Class Picture!


Yama-chan is between Miki and Chii! Shida is between Yama-chan and Miki! πŸ˜† Shida-chan and Suzuka are really close and so is Mariya and Asami since they’ve been together in Scrap Teacher… Mariya and Irie was with Shida-chan in Seigi no Mikata and we all know that Miki, Yama-chan and Shida were in Tantei….I really need to finish that chart….Yokata Miura graduated already and Kanata wasn’t here or I’ll be needing a bigger chart….

[credits to]
* vrawrena from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on October 6, 2009.

12 Responses to “Yama-chan dating Mariya?! Hori Class Picture!”

  1. yea, this is true πŸ˜₯

    i cant believe he likes her!!!! >O<

    im totally heart broken 😦

  2. no no..she n yamada is not suitable!!
    yamada cant have gf right..
    this makes me really angry!!

  3. although i know that its definitely a rumor, i was kinda happy when i heard about it coz i love both yamada and mariya.. :))
    but i think yuto and mariya wud be a better pair. i mean., they’re both energetic, good looking and TALL. idk. just my opinion. XDD

  4. with the height, yeah~ ^^

  5. i don’t feel like that any more every time something like this comes up…..
    i guess i’m used to it!

  6. yamada is better with mariya. mariya is better with yuto. yeahhh.
    she taller than yamada -_-
    im happy for them anyway.
    but still i love ymashi.
    if yamada has a gf then shida shoulld too.
    so i dont feel so heartbroken about this.

  7. *i mean yamada is btter with shida. sorry
    typo. haha

  8. ehhhhhhhhhhhh~!?i dont think its true..omg!my heart brokes twice…T.T

  9. What?!! It’s true?!! I want Yamada with Shida!! They’re better and cuter.. 😦 Yeah, and the height difference.. Wait, I thought JE artists are not allowed to have a relationship or its just me?!! 0_o

  10. I don’t even know what’s going on now!
    I think they can play sometimes but not seriously?
    But still with the height? That’s why I don’t believe it!

  11. i have already accepted the Yamada-Shida thing. Then there comes Mariya~!? when i first heard about it, I was like :(( uwaa but for a few minutes i calmed down. but heartbroken when i saw your post about the bracelets. i heard about that too but i didnt see any proof. but then i saw it here. i should search for better proof now too! haha! well about the height, yamada won’t like that. surely right? and he doesn’t like girly girls. he likes simple but cute. and girls that he could have fun with too right?

  12. i think it’s just a rumor…
    i don’t think he has the time for that~

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