Yama-chan for AnAn…? Just a thought….

Still remember my post about Yama-chan and AnAn?! I wasn’t able to appreciate the picture so I thought the whole “please don’t pose for AnAn” thing was purely coz of his interview. I was browsing 93 tonight and I was so envious of her gorgeous Yama-chan layout and guess what? It was from that article! I’m so frustrated coz I can’t seem to save the picture so I just snipped it! So as much as I hate the blue line there’s nothing I can do about it.




Please if you know where I can download it please tell me!!! Yama-chan really might end up in AnAn a few years from now! I mean really! This guy is 16 but how can he pull off something like this?! Kyaaa~!!!! XD

(Okay just ignore me, I’m on full mode fangirling right now….must be my  flu…? But the DL link is still highly appreciated!)

[credits to]
* 19930509


~ by loveyamachan on October 9, 2009.

10 Responses to “Yama-chan for AnAn…? Just a thought….”

  1. i have a copy of the pictures,, i already forgot where i got it,, if u wnt i cud email it to u,,

  2. omg~!!!yama-chan was so damn hot~!!!!
    but i juSt cant imagine him…posing like jin or..or…..jun…oorrrrr….yamapi~!!!!!!!!


  3. But he can totally carry doing something like that ne?
    Wait for a few more years!

  4. please!! XD

  5. i wont like him anymore then.

  6. yezz….he really can…
    his hotness and cuteness explodes…whaha..XD

  7. where would you want me to email it if ever,, 🙂

  8. thx for the info..
    i just realize that AnAn is
    the magazine that has been use
    in hanazakari that toma ikuta
    act in..
    i 4get in what ep
    i hope chinen wont
    do like yamachan do

  9. Chii is a baby~!
    Although he’s growing up pretty good!
    We won’t know for sure~ ^^

  10. here’s my mail:


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