Yama-chan in AnAn Nov’09!

Now I believe in it courtesy of the preview pic!


I love reading comments! 😆
Some people wants Yama-chan to rip his clothes but some aren’t too happy about it! I can’t wait for the whole photoshoot!!

By the way Yama-chan had one page photoshoot in AnAn back when he was around 14? I love the pic but I just found out it was from AnAn. But the point is even if it was AnAn he was decently clothed. I’ll try to post the pic when I find it again. Found it!


[Full Pic here]

I love this pic! I hope the Nov issue pics are good! XD


I just found this!!!
Same shirt and the famous star necklace…
Is this from AnAn too?!!
And he’s wearing that bracelet!!
He looks like he’s staring at you!!


Kyaaaaaaa~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Yama-chan Overload!!!
I gotta have those scans!!!


Okay it wasn’t from AnAn but close enough!

Still I’m expecting something like that~
This is Yama-chan we’re talking about!

[credits to]
* princess_kazumi from LJ
* phuongthaop from PB
* saralovesyamada_animes from PB
* yoshidarei from PB


~ by loveyamachan on October 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Yama-chan in AnAn Nov’09!”

  1. WOW I love that picture! He looks really hot XD
    It’s actually from that “Yamadas” corner where he dresses up..which magazine is it from? Myojo? Popolo? Now I don’t remember, but he was supposed to be dressed as a “yankee” XD
    His chest yum! XD *slaps herself*

  2. makes you excited for the AnAn pics right?! XD

  3. KYAHHH! Now this is the type of AnAn pic that Akanishi and Yamapi should do! I hope they don’t make Yamachan aim like them in the future! I hope Yamchan keep taking pics like these cuz it’s decent and sekushi! Hmm that bracelet it’s his favorite accessory. XD

  4. for the moment yeah…
    i hope he finds another accessory to like and forget about the beads….
    i liked the skull bracelets he had better….

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