Takaki’s Friday Debut?! Dating Sensei?!

Not really into Gokusen3 but Takaki dating Aya-Sensei~? ^^
I think Hikaru and A-chan is cuter~


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I love reading comments!

“…What happen to the johnny’s recently ??? Their skill of hiding relationship getting worse, and on top of that more and more got paparazzied….”

“…Perhaps ganging up on poor old Johnny-san to change the rules! XD…”

But I think they’re just close. When senpai-kouhai meets on the street don’t you liking hanging around? Maybe coz Takaki is now kindah grown up and she looks younger than her age that people speculate. Too bad for his ex. I think a lot of people like Rubi. Wonder what they meant about Kame dating an older girl… And what about Hika X A-chan?! Letter A anyone?! Seems to be in trend~ 😆

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* uwasako from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on November 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Takaki’s Friday Debut?! Dating Sensei?!”

  1. whoa that’s……..interesting. Hmmm wat’s with older women and tall girls sheesh! >.< lol

  2. I think they’re just close friends but they should date if they want to… are any of the younger members of the HSJ rumored to be dating?

  3. aside from the hori pairings, nothing specific….

  4. they’re a little young to be dating anyway 🙂

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