JUMP High School Newspaper [1]

Chii uses Yama-chan as his fashion reference. And he adores him as well. YamaChii! 😆



Takaki: I think I’d go how I usually dress.
(Whispering) Don’t you think Yamada would go all out?
Okamoto: Probably.



Q. Bed? Futon?

Yamada – I like futon more but I use a bed now. But I fall off a lot (laughs)
Okamoto – Bed. Has desire to sleep on futon sometimes
Yabu – Futon. The bed got in the way so I threw it out!

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[credits to]
* jump_daisuki from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on November 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “JUMP High School Newspaper [1]”

  1. I have to agree too, I love sleeping on a futon then a bed but I get use to sleeping on the bed. XD

  2. they used to sleep on futons but recently they all bought beds….
    i think being high school also means using beds….

  3. well..I never use futon, but I think bed much comfortable than futon right?.

  4. yeah and you don’t have to fold it everyday…

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