Illumination Event [fan report]

I already posted a small clip and summary before but here’s a fan report about the Illumination event!


Reporter: What will you do in X’mas?
Yamada: Nothing special.
Fans: Ehh??
Yamada: I know but I’m not telling you (mischievous XD)
Yamada: …wanna hear about it?

[credits to]
* stevenica from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on November 13, 2009.

9 Responses to “Illumination Event [fan report]”

  1. I read somewhere that HS7 is going to have a commercial and will be aired on Nov16. I feel special now! My birtday is on Nov 16. so yea.. I thought of that as a birthday gift for me from Mr. Ryosuke Yamada:).. I am happy..:) I just want to share:) Mr. Ryosuke Yamada is a very down-to-earth person..he is so adorable and nice..anyways.. he’s a secretive person.. well actually he has a right..LOL!!.. sometimes the questions for him gets to private..haii.. by the way highway.. ilovehimsomuch.. I can do whatever just to have him as a someone special in my life..

    Oh yea.. your welcome for the video.. I just actually found that somewhere in the Internet:)

  2. great to have you here! i think we have something in common, we love Yama-chan!! XD
    he’s the greatest person ive ever seen~! ^0^

    ive actually subscribed to that account but with my dozen subscriptions it seems that i get alerts late….

  3. is there a video of this???^^
    tnx for this…:))

  4. don’t worry.. if i see something new.. i’ll update you:)

  5. thanks~

  6. the illumination event? yeah just a small clip…
    i posted it already! for the CM it’s not out yet~!

  7. where’s the clip??

  8. haha…
    i didnt see the update..XP
    btw tnx for that…^^

  9. it’s on the previous post~
    i’ll put in the link….

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