Hidarime Tantei EYE drama on Jan 2010!!

Kyaa~!! 😆 I knew it~!!!

Btw I like this shot, his expression is like halfway smiling or sad? Haha like Mona Lisa’s smile? 😀  He’s my ichiban so I have the right to praise him. Anyway I don’t wanna hear about “Yama-chan again?!” comments.  It’s not “again but rather, “now” is his time. The other members had their moments of glory when they were in JRs, (something Yama-chan didn’t have  until months pre-debut when HS7 and Tantei came along) so I don’t think it’s unfair for Yama-chan to deserve this now, especially when you can see he has a talent for it. And I’m pretty sure some of his fans found him through Tantei as I did~! 😀 He’s also hardworking  as even sempais would praise his professionalism. I don’t think they will give him a drama simply coz of his face and name, I don’t think he’s that important yet. After all acting is different from entertaining. Performing in concerts and stage shows is different than playing a character in front of the camera.

[read article here]

Yama-chan in Zoom-In!!

[credits to]
* sa718ra from LJ
* ryousuke2nyc from YT


~ by loveyamachan on November 18, 2009.

6 Responses to “Hidarime Tantei EYE drama on Jan 2010!!”

  1. He is great and he deserves it! I was so happy when I read the news!
    I hate those comments about him being picked “again”.
    He is not just a face..sheesh

  2. Don’t mind those people! Go Yama-chan~!! XD

  3. OMG!! I knew it!! I’m so very happy for him!! I’ll definitely watch for it.. 😀

  4. yatta~!!
    haha…yama-chan sugoii~!!!!!!!!

    go yama-chan…

    we’ll support u “4EVRE”



  5. AWWWWIE Yamachan! I SOOO DEFIANTLY can’t wait to see the drama series! Thank you soo much for posting it! (^_^)

  6. oh yes i definitely agree with you and thank you for making it clear that Yamachan is getting this glory from his own hard work…i found him through Tantei Gakuen Q and it was thru him that i got to know Jump, johnny and Jdorama for that matter so they all owe it to him..ne~~~haha

    Anyway!! Can’t wait!!! Gambatte Kudasai Yamachan!!

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