Chii’s 16th~! Ohno remembers too!

Sorry Chii! I was so lazy and I forgot the next day!

So here’s for JUMP’s baby, happy 16th~!

Hmm, the girl included her pic so it kind of made me think twice but I really love how the vid started with You&You, then after I went on with the vid it’s actually kindah heart warming how she sends a msg to Chii~ So I’ll just ignore it. She’s hoping that Chii won’t change and that she’ll always support him. Even when his voice changed it still sounds great and she’s thankful she found Chii even just on the pc. She hopes to see him in Japan one day. Because of Chii she changed.
And she’s teary eyed while typing…

[fan girl mode enters….>]
She likes him so much but unfortunately he belongs to everybody! She really wants to see him in person so badly… it hurts! (haha I get the feeling she’s sooooooo much in-like with Chii! Haa, I used to be like that with Yama-chan but now I know the border line between desperately hoping and reality. It makes me support him all the way but now I don’t get hurt with rumors. Although it’s fun to debate with other people and criticize the rumored girl! šŸ˜€ ) And yeah basically she’s hurt. “Why do I have to meet you when I can’t have you?!!” Something like that.
(Yeah girl, I know how it feels…)

Chii papapic during Tokyo Illumination~

“Surprisingly! Today is Chinen-kun’s birthday, ne.
Yeah? I will also be on Kohaku with Chinen-kun. Even though our birthdays aren’t on the same day, we’re born in November. So we’re both born in the same month. Congratulations, Chinen-kun.
I’ll send you a mail later. Fufufufu (laugh)
This was Ohno Satoshi.”

This one is just a short clip but Chii is so kawa-kakkoi~! šŸ˜€

I never posted more for any JUMP bdays….must be my conscience!

[credits to]
* yumichinen40 from YT
* shiela-p from LJ
* rinkaarh from LJ
* Munchen1313 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on December 2, 2009.

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