Snow Prince Gasshoudan PV

We all know about Shintaro’s Snow Prince movie based on the Dog of Flanders. I thought this was just going to go away as time goes by but then JE made another JR group to do the OST. Average age 10.5! A movie for kids should have a song by kids! Ofcourse Shintaro’s leading the other 10. I really need to watch the movie!

Really nice to see younger JRs early on. Shin-chan has now kids his own age to play with~ ^^ (…since Taiga and Yuuta is a bit older…) They’re so kawaii ne~ ^^ Aside from that, Shintaro really matured. Reminds me of Ryuutaro, who apparently doesn’t receive the same treatment as Shin-chan (who got lucky to be on center stage when the most popular JRs debuted in JUMP, and he totally owned it!) but also growing up quite kakkoi~ ^^ Shintaro looks a bit cheeky now isn’t he? 😛 Ah, 12 year olds are so bratty…and so cute~ 😆 Their mom must be so proud having great sons! Just my opinion, 2 yrs ago Ryuutaro (12) looks cuter than Shin-chan (10), must be the eyes, Ryuu-chan has big eyes and squishy cheeks! Now Shin-chan is way cute and good looking for a 12 yo while onii-chan is way too hot for a 14 yo! I know! He’s still in junior high but have you guys seen Ryuu lately? Really, that kid is mostly left out but his charm is growing rapidly. Shin-chan is the spoiled but gentle one while Ryuutaro is bratty and tough. One common denominator, both of them are really great, nowadays I can’t say who’s better! Shin-chan’s smile and Ryuutaro’s laugh is the best~!! >0< Okay I should stop now. But seriously! I wanna see Ryuu in a drama soon! He’s 14 already! Ooh, just realized, I’ve never praised anyone like this since Yama-chan! Which reminds me, Hokku really didn’t disappoint me, he’s so kakkoi with his long hair! Haaa~ Johnny should give him a break! Any drama will do!

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~ by loveyamachan on December 3, 2009.

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