Face ~Takaki~

“I’ve always been mistaken for being in my 20’s.
But there’s a feeling of my looks chasing up to my age ne.”

Honestly I like looking at Takaki now that he’s gained weight. He really reminds me of Kame which also had the same problem with him. I didn’t like them both with hollow cheeks especially with their bamboo-like built but now the Kame and Takaki have rounder cheeks, they’re actually good looking guys. And healthier looking too! 😀

[credits to]
* honyaku_rakuen from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on December 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Face ~Takaki~”

  1. To be honest Takaki does look like he was in his 20s but he does look a lot like Kame. Rounder cheeks are delicous! XD I also love his new hair cut too. hehe

  2. haha finally after ditching his poodle hairdo which most of his fans are hoping to go,
    i think he really looks good and more mature [at least on the outside ^^]

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