JUMP! Romeo and Juliet!

A Time for Us….Romeo & Juliet~!

[details here!]

Okay, it’s more like the title for JUMP’s new song and they’re gonna perform it in SC! XD
Yup! Hey! Say! JUMP for January SC!
Plus Yama-chan’s Hidarime?! I’m so excited! 😆
Let this be a new single!!! Onegai!!

Wait, JUMP is part of Music Station Super Live Program line up this Christmas! But I doubt if they will perform this…maybe Mayonaka? Ahh it would’ve been better if they had a new song to perform! But then the song and performance’s feel/atmosphere might be a little different now that they’ve changed a lot~ XD

Hopefully 2010 will bring them a new single, CD or album!
They’ve been doing lot’s of concerts I hope they’ll release a DVD!
CMs or more dramas!! SPs are okay too!!

[credits to]
* kamichan
* 19770415 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on December 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “JUMP! Romeo and Juliet!”

  1. a sad song??haha,its a different theme for them to perform…..NICE~!!
    cant w8 to see and hear them,singing this…

  2. maybe a love song?! hahaha!
    but if it’s gonna be played for tantei EYE maybe it’s diff…

  3. hehe…its a love song,they already performed it in sk…9 of them,inoo is not there..
    its so cute..hahha,

  4. yup i saw it~ ^^ they’re so cute!
    anyway, i hope it will have a PV or something coz i don’t think it’s the whole song… and a part it of kindah reminds me of Arashi’s one love…
    ill be updating later…still lazy to do anything… ^^

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