EYE @ Shibuya

Can you imagine putting up Yama-chan’s giant billboard as your room wallpaper? More like in your ceiling! Hahaha, it’ll be freaky waking up with his face looking at you~! 😆

Watch Hidarime starting 23rd of January 2010! Every Saturday@ 9pm~!

In my case I’ll be waiting for the subs which will hopefully be finished within a week!

[credits to]
* mixi
* andrea_queen from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on December 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “EYE @ Shibuya”

  1. woooooooo!!! thank´s

    ^3* i love youre blog!!!! T_x hontōni arigatō gozai masu!!!!!!!
    a question … Ryosuke knows he has fans worldwide?
    another question … since you met Ryosuke?

    I hope the answer ^ _ ^!

    I congratulate you on your blog, it’s great!

    please do not stop loving Ryosuke!! (* 3 *)

  2. thanks~ i’ll always like yama-chan~!
    i saw him in tantei sp almost 2 years ago and he was really cute~
    when i looked for more infos i was surprised to see him dancing in hey!say! ^0^
    basically yama-chan introduced me to johnny’s and jpop as a whole!
    i also got interested in jdoramas since shida and kamiki are more on the acting side~ ^^
    that’s why tantei gakuen q is my ultimate fave drama! XD

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