Christmas Birthdays~

They celebrated Chii and Hika’s birthdays!

[DL here]

I have a shirt with the same pattern!
I should’ve joined the photoshoot! 😆

Please invite me next time! 😆
Minna do you wanna make a photoshoot JUMP version?
If you have the same pattern it’ll be fun!

[credits to]
* Jo.In
* wintergreenn from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on December 20, 2009.

5 Responses to “Christmas Birthdays~”

  1. lol I have the same pattern and style as your shirt but it’s white instead of yellow. XD I guess plaid is the new style now. hehe

  2. yup they’re so popular last season but it’s expensive!
    more on black plus another color…

    i just bought another 2 for me and my sis!
    bought it for sale, still the striped and checkered pattern but with different colors~
    it’s more colorful, no blacks actually, must be for christmas….

  3. I GOT EXACTLY THE PATTERN! Oh My God~ i feel so happy! exact pattern, but of course different style. mine has a hood~ and you close it through a zipper not buttons 😦 feel a little bad about that but still happy!! the truth is, i just bought this awhile ago. i’ve read this blog post two days from now. haha. dakara, atashi wa kono blog post wo hontou arigatai!! 🙂 anyway, how’d you know this picture was for celebrating chii and hika’s bday? 🙂

    *i’m from Crunchyroll, ennecruzin. if you remember, i was the one who asked about the vids of school kakumei. and your blog before was yassiedesu.wordpress right? sorry for the long comment~*

  4. […] give credits to yassie-chan [link] because if not for her blog about her having the same pattern too, i wouldn’t have ever […]

  5. ooh first comment of the year~! ^^
    im happy i bought that shirt, i didn’t like it first coz everything was sold out and that was the last patter left!
    if you click the DL link you can see in one of the pictures they celebrated their bdays~
    i’m not using my CR anymore since the vids became unavailable, hehehe….
    i stopped depending on the forums and created my own blog after i got good blog sources! ^-^
    the SK vids… yeah but i can’t upload it!
    i have a blog before in my friendster account, it’s still open but i stopped posting long time ago…
    i don’t think it’s my blog….?

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