SK ~Romeo and Juliet~

And here it is~

With their clothes it sounds Christmassy than a love song. I don’t think it’s complete either unless it’s just another one time JUMP song like 7’s Iinjanai, which by the way I like very much but not sure either if they just performed it in their concerts. I hope they’ll release an album containing those songs coz they’re really nice like FLY too!

Anyway the instrumental also reminds me of Arashi’s One Love and for a moment I was thinking if JUMP is walking towards the Arashi path…which isn’t bad either!
Stay good and keep away from bad publicity guys!

Not sure if this is good for CD/PV or Hidarime OST but I heard about Hitomi no Screen? Hitomi is “eye” so yeah, that might be the one. Who knows? Atleast there’s something to look forward to next year! After Dai-chan graduates it means only 5 kids left in school. I don’t count university coz you can pick your schedule anyway.
But that means more JUMP work right?

[credits to]
* cherriishadou from YT
* kamichan


~ by loveyamachan on December 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “SK ~Romeo and Juliet~”

  1. This Video is soooo FREAKING KAWAII! lol I love the introduction, but I do agree, it does kind of sound similar to Arashi’s One love. Even though Inoo is not in there but I’m still happy with the song. A great X-mas theme. Also did you know they are going to perform X-mas songs at the Music Station on X-mas eve? It’s gonna be GREAT! XD I love your postings, keep up the good work! 😀

  2. yup! a christmas medley….this must be one of the songs!
    though i can’t think of other songs aside from KT’s white xmas…
    haha inoo must have an exam or something~ ^^

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