YamaChii to debut as TWINS?

Still a rumor but if it’s true, YamaChii sound better…ne?
And Chii would be happy coz he wanted YamaChii too!

So what can you say? Actually I like YamaChii so I’ll be happy for it! And also take a look at Arashi, in some of their talks they said that when Matsujun began making those dramas it gave them opportunity to make singles, not that they can’t but it just gave them more opportunities. JUMP has 10 members, they can’t just wait for another single they must create and opening for it too! When one member has a project, there’s a possibility that JUMP will be in to it too! It’s not leaving behind JUMP, more of, it’s going out there looking for something to be brought back to the group! All they need is opportunity or say an opening, and as long as it keeps on going they’ll have it~ When each member gets more popular can you imagine if you combine them all?

Some might not like it. “Yaay~” for Chii but “Yama-chan again..?” for some. I’m YamaChii biased so…but most members got their share of spotlight earlier! Hika and Yabu’s Ya3 days, Inoo too from JJ days, Takaki is popular in his own right, Yuuto has always been special since then, this time it’s just Yama-chan, Chii and Dai-chan’s! I’m waiting for Ryuu’s turn and Keito is steadily improving too!

Anyway I’ll be happy if it really is true, if not, it’s okay too~

[credits to]
* Hitomi0117san from YT


~ by loveyamachan on December 28, 2009.

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