Hidarime! Crystal, Yuma?!! No.1 Idol~?! [sub]

Almost there!

Great that Crystal Kay will be in Yama-chan’s drama, another personality that he’ll be introduced to and lots of DL links provided as the shows premier draws near BUT! Yuma……..?!

I’m really 50:50 here, I think Yuma is like a guest star? Like when Chii appeared in 1 Pound? If that’s the case I hope they cast more! Like when Kanata appeared in Tantei Ep2!! Anyhow, as long as Yuma does it well, I’m fine with it…

[DL raw here]

Hahaha, I really like that girl, it seems that as her character finds Ainosuke cute and later cool, she seems to find Yama-chan cute as well in real life~

Anyway, did I hear it right?!
Nicola voted Yama-chan as No.1 “Fave Male Idol” ?! (0:47-0:55)
That kindah made me feel better! 😆

[credits to]
* PrinceRyosuke from YT
* shiyiu from LJ
* ChickenBoyTegoshi from YT
* cony-ryosuke9 from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on December 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hidarime! Crystal, Yuma?!! No.1 Idol~?! [sub]”

  1. it’s a great news for our Yamachan~^^, and where did you see that vote, mind telling me?^^

    and about the shot ”story”, actually i also love the first shot, he looks so mature, hot, and beautiful (i don’t knoW how many times i call him ‘beautiful’, but that’s exactly what i saw), he’s definitely the most photogenic face in JUMP, i bet photographers love him too xD

  2. exactly~!!!! XD

    it’s around 0:47 – 0:55!

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