Hidarime Ep1 CM, Hitomi no Screen!

My last post for 2009!
Hopefully JUMP will have more appearances on 2010!
Starting with Hidarime!!

I just got the same feeling when I was watching Tantei Gakuen Q!! 😆 But this time it’s all Yama-chan!! And Hitomi no Screen!! Love the song than Memories~ Memories does suit the SP coz it’s like Ainosuke and his brother’s good times now are just distant memories as they are now enemies, kind of… HnS fits the drama more! Love it! You can listed to Hitomi full version on this fanaudio!

I saw Shida’s dad on Seigi and the guy who became a girl, what’s his/her name again? He/She’s really funny! Waahh can’t wait! One more week!! And hopefully just another week for the subs so again more than 2 weeks for me…but finally I can DL it to my pc! I installed a better version of the downloader so I’m all set! I still need to convert the file so I can play it on my iPod but I can watch it on my laptop so no problem! 😀

Ahh, my head is still spinning while doing this but I just can’t stop!
It’s almost 9pm, 3 more hours till Happy New Year~!

By the way it’s Blue Moon tonight! Appears every 2.5 years but Blue Moon during New Year’s Eve only appears every 19 years! But I can’t really see any moon in this rain, the clouds are too thick! maybe it’s visible to you guys~

Well that’s it for 2009!
Minna Akemashite Omedetou~!!

[credits to]
* lovelymeru from YT


~ by loveyamachan on December 31, 2009.

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