JE 2010 Countdown!

Minna konnichi wa~! 😀
I woke up past 1 pm today, hehehe…
First task of the year, Countdown!
It really amuses me to see our underage idols sit on the bench. I wonder if it happened before JUMP debuted? Hehehe, I doubt since former groups were like older… Is Dai-chan 18 already?! Did I post his birthday? I can’t find it in my blog! (need to fix the tags) But it’s great that BEST are now allowed, at least half of JUMP can participate. HS7 will turn 18 in 2011 but they have to wait for Ryuutaro for another two years! So JUMP will be on stage as a whole on 2013-2014 Countdown! Right? I’ll wait for that! By then maybe one or two groups have debuted already….I’ll be keeping an eye on that!

[watchwhole countdown while it lasts]

It’s the only source I found, I’ll wait for the HQ version before downloading it~

[credits to]
* kawaii322 from YT
* ChickenBoyTegoshi from YT


~ by loveyamachan on January 1, 2010.

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