NYC Boys a Debut Group!

Talk about starting the new year with a bang!
Most people are not happy especially JUMP fans. This reminds me when Yuma joined to form NYwBIS, BIS fans were hating him. Now this. So let me say my thoughts about it:

First I’m honestly happy! I wasn’t that fond of NYC but I love YamaChii and B.I.Shadow! I think for a limited group they did great. I’m not fond of Yuma but the kid has good singing voice. But now, let’s think of the consequences, JUMP fans are not happy at all, thinking that JUMP will come back this year seems like threatened with NYC. Like kamichan worrying that Hitomi no Screen is by NYC and not JUMP. Now I’m not sure either. I can hear Yama-chan but is that Yuuto or Yuma?!


[READ THIS FIRST before you continue and freak out on NYC.
Still a rumor but it might make you feel better~ ^^]

JUMP had less exposure, but actually I’m more worried with BIS than JUMP. JUMP has lots of fans who’ll always support them so I’m sure, when they get back on track a lot of people will be welcoming them and JUMP fans will always be there, but BIS is still new and NYwBIS was suppose to have “debuted” but didn’t get enough exposure as a debut group should be. Good for Yuma but BIS is being forgotten.

Honestly where Yama-chan is I’m happy, but I miss seeing all ten of them together on music shows, interviews, endorsing their new single or waiting for somebody to sub their concert. Nowadays they’re scattered, Yabu with his musical, Hikaru with SK, but both has a new show (YYJumping), Inoo’s studies, Dai-chan is graduating so he needs to focus on that, Ryuutaro is still in middle school. Takaki, Keito and Yuuto are lost in space. I feel bad for them esp Yuuto who was once in Yama-chan’s place. But I’m even worried with Yama-chan. He’s a determined work-loving kid, he’ll accept whatever opportunity thrown at him. Being caught in between I’m worried he’ll over work himself. I think Chii is having a great time. Especially now that he’s getting more control over his voice and getting comfortable with the camera doing School Kakumei. And their radio show (HS7 Ultra Music Power) is still on going.

The very thing I’m worried is that fans hating NYC. People, NYC can’t compete with JUMP’s fandom. And NywBIS is light years away from JUMP! NYC is going to be regular. But remember that this group links both JUMP and NywBIS.

I’m thinking, is this going to help BIS get more exposure? or JUMP…? NYC represents both, they’re getting all attention now but we won’t know what will happen in the future. I’m hoping that NYC as the group between JUMP and NywBIS can bring good things for both groups. I really hope there won’t be any problems cause if everything went out well with three groups it would be great coz NYwBIS is the next group close to JUMP and it would be really great if they support each other.

I don’t want people to hate them, I don’t want JUMP and NYC hating each other. It seems that Johnny is making groups for the new generation, so I want the younger groups to get along just like the older groups! If JUMP, NywBIS and NYC will have equal work this 2010, I think that will solve everything.

It’s still confusing right now but I just hope this won’t end up in hate and rage…
Can you imagine? What if Johnny decides to debut another group this year? Then JUMP, NywBIS and NYC will be lost in oblivion, coz haters usually choose to support the new group than accept the former like NYC. NYC is JUMP + NywBIS so think about it…

You can scream your rage here, I only saw like two people who aren’t bashing NYC…
And there’s a few of us who’s worried with Yama-chan. Can you imagine the pressure? Keeping up to standards, dramas and tv shows are not really JE controlled environment where he can’t just be a kid while working with pro actors. I doubt if he has time to sleep at all… I don’t wanna see a hollowed-cheek , underweight Yama-chan this year!

I’m just wondering if Japanese fans feels the same way? They’re not entirely JUMP-deprived coz they can attend the concerts, musicals and they get to watch their tv shows and listen to the radio show. Join the fanclub and visit the whatever place that is where JE posts messages to their fans, Johnny’s Family Club?  And Johnny’s Net is now planning to put streaming videos but it only works in Japan…
Must be good to live in Japan…

[credits to]
* kamichan
* captxfizz from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on January 1, 2010.

5 Responses to “NYC Boys a Debut Group!”

  1. I loved NYC boys…or rather, I loved the NYC trio..truth be told, it is easier to like a compact group…The problem with HSJ is that it’s just one big jumble of people. 10 boys is just too much, it’s probably hard to have them all working at the same time and heck, even if Yamada didn’t take as much camera as he does, how much screen would each have? Divide it equally? Impossible. Differences between the members and tendencies in what the fans like will definitely arise.

    I think the old man or whoever is in charge is having trouble defining what exactly to do with them…even the age differences is a problem, I believe. I think HSJ was created in a rush and so is NYC boys if you ask me. However I like HSJ, I think they sound pretty damn fine together. And I like NYC boys for the same reason XD

    People are being too negative, in either case, when there is no HSJ releases, there will be NYC releases and viceversa, maybe? They don’t have to canibalize each other at all. For instance, fans of Yamada will buy a single regardless whether it is from NYC or HSJ. And if you think about it, even though HSJ hasn’t released anything in a year does not mean they are dead, O_O plenty of artists in other parts of the world take their darn long time to release stuff. Aren’t they having concerts also?

    I’m just worried that Yamada may die from all the pressure and overworking XD And people should stop hating Yuma…man, poor kid…it’s like his only existance is reason enough to garner hatred. He hasn’t done a thing!

    ( Kamichan is soo negative all the time TT_TT )

    Sorry for the long comment ^^ I really like your blog, heheh!

  2. hahaha but good looking cannibals~! ^-^
    yuma is one vampire that everyone isn’t fond of, as long as he’ll be a good boy, he’ll survive.
    i like kamichan though esp when he throws tantrums! ^0^

    ahh just the first day and this!
    like we don’t have any important things to do!
    thanks~ you probably had the longest comment ever! ^0^

  3. ahah! Sorry for writing so much…I was inspired!
    And the battle rages on in the comm huh, geez…
    I feel exhausted! ^^

  4. haha you went there?
    lots of haters…
    i don’t even wanna get into a fight…

  5. for real????????
    a big NO…NO..NO~!!!

    i guess hey say jump sang the HNS..i hear yuto..and the rest of hsj..

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