Yamadas: SP ~Looking back~

Yama-chan’s keyword segment has ended!
Now let’s think back of the best moments~

“Where in the heck do you find angel wings and a matador clothes!? (laughs)…(Dai chan says “I like the vampire one. I appeared in that issue so I even said ‘if Yamada was the vampire, I wouldn’t mind him sucking [my blood]’)…”

I love the Shinsengumi one! He looks good as a vampire too and the cowboy but the pilot is very realistic and he looks great!

I really love this segment. Yama-chan doesn’t hesitates to say personal things and I get to hear stories from his house and school. I like it better than food stories they usually tell. I hope he gets another segment like this!

(You can read the Alphabet Series or all Yamadas article here!)

Next up: Conference!

[credits to]
* jump_daisuki from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on January 9, 2010.

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