10 More Days!!

Really lazy to update but gotta post this!
A longer Hidarime CM with Crystal Kay! (and Yuma)

What’s with the cage?! No idea but this looks great!! XD
One thing I love about Yama-chan the most is his voice and flowing expressions!
Seems like we’ll be seeing an emotional Yama-chan in this drama! Love it when he screams! This must be his first “normal” role so far and yet he still looks cool~!
Kyaa!! Can’t wait for the first ep!!!! XD
Just played this CM 20x in the first few minutes, really I’m that excited!!!

[credits to]
* lovelymeru from YT


~ by loveyamachan on January 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “10 More Days!!”

  1. Oh thanks for this!!! a longer CM, yeah on the first HTE he also screamed beatifully and wild, here i heard him again when he faced the wall crying!!! that scene was nice!!!im soo much excited with it!!!

  2. is this drama aired already in japan?
    i just wonder,….the ep are not in the youtube

  3. not yet~
    it’ll start on 23rd! ^-^

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