5 more days!

Really can’t wait anymore!! 😆

By the way, I’m thinking of editing my tags and categories since it’s quite useless and I can’t use it myself when I need to find old posts. I made a couple of new ones for individual members but I’ll change that again for better organization. I guess it’s easier if I don’t put every post under Hey! Say! JUMP coz every single, if not, almost all posts in this blog is under JUMP. I’ll use JUMP if the post consists of all members. For future reference I’ll separate 7 from BEST. Unless the post is mix, it’s under JUMP or I’ll make a category for pairs. If the post is all about a single member he’ll be under his own category and subgroup [7/BEST]. I’ll figure it out this week. Until then just feel free to find old posts. (Although you need to type the exact words which is really useless unless you know it, so better look for the member’s category. When I get it all done of course.) I’ll try to edit the current ones first!

[credits to]
* lovelymeru from YT


~ by loveyamachan on January 18, 2010.

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