Hidarime Tantei EYE ~Ep1 Raw~ [DL Sub]

This is really frustrating, the audio is really good but I can’t see anything at all! Yama-chan screams a lot and I can’t even see him… pls tell me if the vid works for you!

Thanks for Swt_Ichigo_chan for the tip! I forgot about veoh!

Episode ratings [8.5%]

Haha if Rin is too stay throughout the drama,
I won’t be surprised if they give the puppy to Yama-chan ~

[Watch here!] or [DL subbed here!]

Ep2 Preview

Btw, really great song! Reminds me of Gundam Seed and Destiny~
When episodes are about to end, the songs’ intro are so dramatic…

Well not the same story but it kindah reminds me a little~
I miss those days~!

[credits to]
* masato-n from veoh
* jumpinfs from LJ
* lovelymeru from YT
* TacticianMark from YT
* XGexDirector from YT


~ by loveyamachan on January 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “Hidarime Tantei EYE ~Ep1 Raw~ [DL Sub]”

  1. Hey Yassie! No my video didn’t work when I download it. (-_-) But I found the video to watch it! (^_^) Anyone who wants to watch it RAW feel free to click on it. XD


  2. ooh thanks~ completely forgot veoh!
    i first watched furuhata there too!

  3. hehe no problem XD The drama is getting good! I hope for subbings and new episodes!

  4. yeah~ btw, i love the dog!
    with their first scene it seems like the puppy wants to lick yama-chan~

  5. Seriously the doggy is soo CUTE! I wish I had a Shiba Inu. -_- Yamachan hugging the dog, made my day when I watched the scene. XD

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