Yuuto’s Love Song w/ NYC Boys~!

I like the white suits, Chii and Yama-chan looks great but I’m kindah hoping for them to grow taller, they’ll look even better! Now that they’re a permanent group, I hope they release a different song this year and I hope BIS will have more lines…

I love BIS~!! XD These guys needs more exposure!!
Well I guess in this case they’re the slowly but surely type of group, but who can’t like them? They’re so adorable~ πŸ˜† NakaKen looks a bit mellow here while Fuma’s aura is bursting he scares me a little bit, simply love Hokku! And Yuugo is doing good~ I really like his gentle character. He’s really speaking up now which is good considering he’s the oldest~ πŸ˜€ Now if Misaki didn’t quit, BIS would be even better~ Still missing Misaki…

Anyway watching them do this makes me appreciate Yuuto’s tap, to think he was in Tap Kids back then. I just checked and there were only 3 kids, that’s Ryuu and another JR. Btw, Yama-chan was listed as JJ express but I thought he wasn’t part of it?

Hah, JE is so confusing, it’s like a spider web…..(?!) Really hard to understand at first but I eventually caught up. Still confusing sometimes though…

[watch here if vid doesn’t work]

They look good in white too~ Liking Yuugo’s growing hair! But Hokku needs a little trim or a better hairdo, curls definitely doesn’t suit him. They practiced hard for that! Yuugo still needs to project himself more though, he forgot to join the other three while they were given seconds of airtime. But he’s getting better~

But Yuuto, I appreciate you more now~ Cho kakkoi!
He’s got this “debuted senpai” aura in him~
Maa…tall guys really are more kakkoi, I hope YamaChii grows more this year~!

So weird, I chose Yama-chan over Yuuto in almost everything but ironically if they were ordinary guys I’ll probably go for Yuuto…hehehe…boy next door type? XD

[watch play list here] or [DL here]

Btw, Reia is so cute~! I’ll be looking out for SP Gasshoudan,
I hope they get to be introduced now and then~

[credits to]
* fumatanj3 from YT
* kamichan


~ by loveyamachan on February 8, 2010.

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