Johnny’s 2010 Calendar

I’d love to write on this page!

But since I can’t have one, I’ll just wait for pic scans~

I like NEWS’ coz the pics are really elegant but HSJ is more personal coz it’s a daily diary, it’s something you’ll wanna keep. If all buyers are actually gonna use it, there won’t be any re-selling of 2010 JUMP calendar (between fans) in the future~

Btw, Prince Tesshi looks really good as a girl, being a “Princess” is a good alter-ego too~

[credits to]
* lovelymeru from YT


~ by loveyamachan on February 24, 2010.

4 Responses to “Johnny’s 2010 Calendar”

  1. it seems that the pic what shot thru a TV? anyway yama and chi is very sweet with matching hugs….sugoi ne?

  2. yup~ haven’t got the scans yet…
    YamaChii is like HikaBu now~

  3. yeah ur ryt yassie

  4. i like the pic where chi is lying on keito’s lap

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