These Avex girls entertained me tonight~!

I’ve seen them before but didn’t really spend much time knowing them but they were on my “to know” list. I played a couple of their songs and I just like this one! Probably because I was able to decide who I like best! Don’t know their names yet but I like the girl with lavender pants~ They’re not exactly idol beauties but wait till you hear them~! Makes you wish all idols can sing like this… Idol songs are easy to listen to and easy to sing along with but these girls just makes me wanna hear them sing all day~

Speaking of idols, TGS has yet to debut but I really like them. I guess because so far they’re not covered in shiny colorful costumes with fluffy big bows. Also I like the quality of their voice. To think they’re really young but their voice isn’t too high-pitched. They’re cute but not too cutesy! I wanna hear their voices clearly though, I still can’t distinguish who’s singing what line…

[credits to]
* Danyfore29 from YT
* TokyoGirlsStyle from YT


~ by loveyamachan on February 26, 2010.

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