JUMP’s 5th #1 and HS7 for Volley Support~!

Congratulations to JUMP! They officially got their 5th #1 ! I hope they continue to do so in the future… Although it’s just their 3rd popular song, I like it better than MnSB but then Mayonaka had better promotions. Anyway it’s a really nice song so that’s okay~

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In another news  Hey! Say! 7 will be this year’s volleyball supporters~!
It’s been a while seeing them run around the courts. I hope the song is really cheerful and really fresh, with HS7 doing it I’m expecting a really youthful and playful atmosphere during this support~ Anyway, HS7 seems to have more songs than BEST? Maybe they should get a new song too~

[Read here and here.]

[credits to]
* kamichan
* satsukisora from LJ
* tokyograph


~ by loveyamachan on March 1, 2010.

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