NYC to release single as subgroup~!

Again NYC is really a group with lots of reactions. They’re releasing Yuuki100% as a single but, to start off it’s just N, Y and C, not NYC Boys. It seems that NYC is an NYC Boys subgroup. Well it’s NYC + BI.Shadow so yeah… and Yuuki 100% was already performed by JUMP. So it’s “NYC again?! how about BIS?” and “I thought it’s JUMP’s song” or “Yayayah was better”, I don’t really care. Or maybe I do with the BIS part. I don’t care if every group in JE will release Yuuki as their single but I am concerned why BIS isn’t given attention yet. I think being in NYC Boys in a good opportunity to expose them little by little to the public. I do hope they get their chance soon!

With everything that’s going on, whether in JUMP, NYC or HS7, Yama-chan once again steals the spotlight. Some days I’m happy, some days it’s just too much, but I guess there’s already enough number of people not liking him or liking him less for that, so I’ll look at him on a different angle instead. If I add his drama and school to all of these, I just hope his enormous appetite and strength will keep him alive this year.

[Read here, here, and here]

Btw the original singers for Yuuki is Hikaru Genji. Not my era, but I liked them since listening to Garasu no Jyudai. I like some of their songs but I can barely remember coz the clips are so old and they get deleted too. Anyway as they say nothing beats the original. What do you think? I do like the arrangement~

[credits to]
* kamichan
* andrea_queen from LJ
* sakistory from BS
* Evaneyline from YT


~ by loveyamachan on March 3, 2010.

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