Horikoshi Update #2 ~Umika X Irie Movie!: “Watashi no Yasashikunai Senpai” ~

Now this is getting better! Umika (9nine) who’s quite popular lately is to star in a movie as “…Yamako, a high school girl unable to confess her love for another student. Her unsent love letters get discovered by a “disgusting” upperclassman, leading to even more problems for the troubled Yamako…” And who might this guy be? Who else but our popular guy Jingi Irie! xD Aww~ this class is really getting better and better~!!

The trailer is so funny too! Can’t wait to watch it!

If you’re not familiar with them Umika is from an idol group 9nine, (Kato Rubi? was a former member but got removed after her purikura with Takaki was posted all over the net). I can’t say I like them as a group since I’m only familiar with Umika since she became a part of Class 1-d but I like their cover of Shiroi Hana. Although generally speaking their singing and dancing are much weaker compared to H!P as a comparison (which can be seen in their PVs espesially in projecting, moves and expression) but I like how they’re not covered in frills, ribbons and fluffy dresses. They’re simple and I like it. You can watch their videos in YT!

Here’s Umika’s recent pic and you can visit her blog over here! Other than her pics it’s usually food, her dog and her work but I like how she updates like almost everyday! I should be more like her…my other blog has been on hiatus forever…

Now here’s Jingi Irie! He appeared in Seigi no Mikata as Yoko’s neighbor/ childhood friend who’s played by none other than fellow KEN-ON artist Shida Mirai, yup~! Maybe that’s how he got the role too, they’re really good with handling their talents! Anyway he was also in Gokusen: The Movie but I didn’t watch it since I never really like Gokusen other than the 2nd one (I think). He apparently became an actor since he looks up to Miki and Shida! Aww now I’m liking Irie~!

You can watch his first DVD here or visit his official site here! But he’s the total opposite of Umika, he blogs like once a month! Well he’s a guy so… ^-^

I don’t pair them up like a couple but I’m excited coz I like how their class gets to know each other and getting closer by doing work together! Isn’t it fun to hang out with people with same age in school and in work? They get to talk about lots of things too!

And on a side note, you must definitely watch Seigi no Mikata! First of all the story is really good anyone with a sister can definitely relate, Yamada Yu is a brilliant evil sister, Shida ofcourse is there, must check out Irie too and Kanata fans? He’s Shida’s love interest so what more can I say? Definitely watch that drama! And watch out for the movie too~! Watashi no Yasashikunai Senpai~ An official Jingi Irie fan now! xD

[credits to]
* tokyograph
* fatkin10005 from YT
* captxfizz from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on April 20, 2010.

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