Horikoshi Update #8 ~Class 1-D 2010!!~

To finish my Hori Updates I’ll be posting our freshmen this new school year!
I’ve been waiting for this for one reason: Fukuda Mayuko!

She was Shida’s friend in Queen’s Classroom, Miki’s crush in Little DJ and the girl who had a crush on Yama-chan in Furuhata. (Oh and she was in Death Note too!) See the connection why I liked her? She’s one year younger than them so I’m really looking forward to seeing her in Hori High! BUT why oh why she didn’t enroll?!! Huhuhu… Apparently she’s enrolled to an “escalator” school so basically she can go from junior high to senior high dept of her current school without taking the exams. But Miki was in an escalator school too in junior high but he went for Hori! Why not Mayu too? I’m so sad I can’t see her in Hori but I think she’s the studious type? Coz her school also prepares for university and so far Mayu does movies and SPs only but no dramas (excluding Queen’s Classroom), I think…

Hah…anyway, I don’t know the new kids except for Shida’s friend from Shokojo Sara, I read there’s a guy from Miki’s agency and another nicola model. Anyway, not interested. But I do hope next year Ryuutaro better enroll in Hori! He should!!!

[see list here!]

[credits to]
* horikoshi from LJ
* aimuse for further details


~ by loveyamachan on April 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Horikoshi Update #8 ~Class 1-D 2010!!~”

  1. Actually, I think she took the entrance exam to an escalator school (not the other way around).

    Though I agreed with you. What a shame. Why didn’t she go to Horikoshi. >_>;;

  2. hey i have a question, why is kawashima umika, chinen yuri etc, to name a few part of class 2-D? i mean why are they in shida mirai, yamada ryosuke and kamiki ryonusuke’s class when theyre 1 year younger than them? are they accelerated students? if so, then why is kawashima umika #1 ignorant in school according to horikoshi ranking floating around? im confused.

  3. chii was born in the same year i think, yama-chan on may, yuuto on august and chii on december…not sure about umika but if they don’t go by year maybe they go by age… like as long as you reach this age by this month you can register… haha not sure about the ignorant part but one thing im sure chii and yuuto are honorable students! yama-chan is the one w/ the studying problem, though i think he’s pretty much average, as long as we don’t compare him to the other two, hehehe….

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