Mariya’s Lindsay Photobook

Yup the girl linked to Yama-chan but anyway, I’ll be posting her photobook. It’s okay, I think, but I don’t like how she makes funny faces. She sticks out her tongue a lot but I like it better when she’s smiling. Idk, I like H!P style photobooks, not the swimwear ofcourse but the setting? And the pictures? Well she’s modeling clothes so that’s fine. I find some of the pieces cute but I wouldn’t pair them like in the pictures.

[DL here]

[credits to]
* horikoshi from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on April 24, 2010.

5 Responses to “Mariya’s Lindsay Photobook”

  1. Wow I’m glad that’s over. But it’s really bad how she drop out of Horikoshi Gakuen. XD

  2. dropped out? but she’s still studying in one of her vids…
    hmm, really? i don’t really mind, hehehe…

  3. Lol yea I was checking out my facebook updates and so this popped up. XD

    I guess Vison Factory and JE does not get a long, but I’m okay with that.

  4. haha i really can’t believe rumors anymore. if that’s the case JE is scary, they’ll rather pull out mariya’s education for that? i still remember that rumor about yama-chan dating a school mate who’s grandfather was a famous person. they were supposedly in love with each pother, gosh yama-chan was 14 at that time! xD rumors sounds like fanfictions but it’s entertaining don’t you think~? ^0^

  5. omg yes! these scandals are quite very entertaining, but oh well rumors will be rumors. XD

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