Hidarime Tantei EYE ~Final Ep8~ [DL Sub]

Finally~!!!! xD
I’ll start watching this now, I’ll comment later!

[DL here]

He looks like YamaP here~

What can I say….? I’m so confused! Not that it’s hard to understand, it’s all about revenge but this last episode is like a whole new show! And I though Yumeto was the kidnapper’s younger brother, now that would be interesting, Ainosuke raised by the kidnapper but…well, the murder itself was very traumatizing but I was hoping for a bigger reason than hating on Ainosuke. The series of crimes were really interesting, makes you wonder why he did those, I like the revelations in the finale but it seems odd to connect both. So he just wants Ainosuke to remember? So the bombing was for…? I’m down to the last 10 mins. Let’s see if I’ll understand then…

Don’t know if I should laugh or cry but it’s so funny looking at Yama-chan piggyback Yoko while acting. But this scene is really touching…I actually cried!

Well then, despite the confusion, I definitely LOVE the final 2 minutes of this ep!! I’ve learned long ago to always finish watching the entire final episode down to the last second and I love it! They should do a spin-off! Ahahaha! xD Otsukare Yama-chan~! ^0^

[credits to]
* jumpinfs from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on April 25, 2010.

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