Ichii Hoshi: Praises for Yamada Ryosuke~!! ^3^

“He is truly a natural…He is becoming an actor whom more and more people cannot take their eyes off…I’m looking forward to the enjoyable events that will happen from now on…” (click for more!)

Yatta! Finally somebody confirmed it! I love the fans’ reactions to the post too! I’ve always known that Yama-chan’s got what it takes to become a great actor! I remember Kame saying how mature he was in 1 Pound, always being polite and announcing himself every time he arrives on set instead of just keeping quiet in the back.

“He has gained the trust from the cast and staff and it is obvious when you’re there.” Haha maybe that’s why when the ever punctual Yama-chan overslept and woke up at the time he was scheduled to shoot, the director didn’t get angry when he called and had the other cast’s scenes shot first instead~! Even Yama-chan was surprised! 😆

He challenges himself to do better. Even if his popularity is soaring, that doesn’t stop him to give his best, thinking he’s doing great and slack off but instead he (as he always says) finds himself disappointed in his performance and yearns more to do even better so that everyone will see not Yamada Ryosuke but the character he’s playing. I think that’s what keeps him grounded. Despite all the praises he’s humble and smart enough to realize that he’s still at the bottom of the ladder.

Gambare Yama-chan~! Keep on climbing those steps! I think it’s better that he climb that ladder slowly, gradually, than suddenly jumping to the top, ’cause by the time he reached that goal, everyone will definitely agree that he deserves it ’cause he failed, learned, improved and succeeded, without skipping a single step~! Still a long time to see if this comes true but, as long as he won’t do anything stupid and do things that he shouldn’t, he’s got potential to do a lot of great things in the future~! 😉


Haha he got the ticket for JUMP’s Concert!

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* andrea-queen from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on May 3, 2010.

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