Hey!Say!JUMP Announces 1st Album!

Hmm, some people say 888 is lucky! I hope the luck goes to this post!

Ahaha~! I hope Yama-chan does write a song! But embarrassed to do love songs?!
Hahaha! As long as it’s something you can dance to, it’s fine with me! 😆

[read article here!]

Curious when the release date is? Join the brainstorming session and vote here!

I’d bet on June 16 (this isn’t even a betting game~ ;)) they have 10 weeks till Summary so if they are to perform some songs from the album, they would do rehearsals, so I’ll go with the 5th week, 1st half for recording last half for rehearsals…(?)

[credits to]
* kokoreo from YT
* sa718ra from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on May 5, 2010.

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