Shida and Miki turns 17~!

Hisashiburi~! My laptop’s broken so I wasn’t able to greet Shida who turned 17 a day after Yama-chan’s~ She celebrated her birthday on the presscon of her new drama Hammer Session which incidentally, also stars once again, the one and only Irie Jingi~ Haha, where Shida is Jingi is sure to follow! 😆

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And now the reason why I was forced to blog on my mom’s laptop, the birthday boy Kamiki Ryunosuke~! (I really don’t want to wait for my laptop and make 2 belated birthdays so I got to force myself to post~ 😆 )

So the last Q class member turns 17 today! Omedetou~ Btw, I found this bday post which listed most of his projects and I just found out that he was in a movie with Ohgo! Sugoi ne~ Shida, Mayu, Ohgo… Miki is a leading man in the making! I’m looking forward for future projects together in their twenties!

Ah the more I think about it, the more I love the fact that they were all born on the same year! (Once again can’t wait for their grad! JUMP + talented young actors = the best Hori batch ever!) It’s also amusing how their bdays add up together, when May comes I think of, Yama-chan, Shida and Miki more than my sister’s bday! Haha! 😆

[credits to]
* tokyograph
* miraishida from LJ
* yatsuiko-chan from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on May 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Shida and Miki turns 17~!”

  1. love it! they are all under Taurus sign same as mine!! i was born May 9 also same as yamchan!

  2. really? that’s so lucky!! mine’s same with keito~ i always liked my bday though coz it’s rare to be born on 1! hehehe and nobody would even suspect it’s my bday! ^0^

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