Yama-chan cries again! Hidarime Tantei EYE Farewell!

Ahahaha finally I got a clip~! 😆
I like this one better than Scrap Teacher!

I like how he joked with Yoko like a toddler and how the staff was teasing him not to cry, or are they? They seem to be having fun filming Yama-chan’s embarrassment~! “Mou dame da yo~!” This really reminds you that despite his image he’s still a kid and realizing that, makes me even more admire him of his achievements! Yama-chan sugoi ne~ ^3^v

Btw around 2:11 on the first page of the scrap book there’s a pic of a lady with a baby, it’s probably the staff that he mentioned a while ago.

Aww~ finishing his first lead ever with all those loving staff and a scrap book of memories, no wonder he cried like a kid! Hehe if Yama-chan’s going to cry at every end of his dramas I can’t wait for his next project~! 😆 Too bad TGQ’s making was more on the making and no farewells. Although not so sure with Miki but cry-baby Yama-chan (not sure but I’m sure he probably cried in his first drama ever) with Shida who also cries at the end of her dramas, that would be a sight I’d love to see!!

(P.S. This really made my day though it makes me sad thinking about Yoko’s mom dying when he looks so happy months ago. Hope laughter will help him move on…)

[credits to]
* hxhshami1 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on May 31, 2010.

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