Yama-chan x Mariya @ ST

I don’t wanna add anything to the rumors but I was watching a YamaSHi vid and there’s this scene from Scrap Teacher… I didn’t notice they were seat mates then! Haha then they were also seat mates in Hori? I wouldn’t blame them if they got closer due to that.

Well Yama-chan’s perfect, she’s pretty, I guess they do look good together but it’s just weird since I’m not comfortable with that set-up but I really liked her love story (Ep7) with Misaki in Scrap Teacher!

Not that I like her for Misaki either in real life, but yeah I really loved their sweet episode, probably my most fave ep in the entire drama, more than Yama-chan’s cute scenes actually, which is really weird for me. But bad boy x good girl always works for me. Well mostly. If you haven’t seen ST or remembered that episode you probably won’t get what I’m rambling right now but I love the dance practice where they were holding hands and when Misaki was caught waiting for her, I really love that episode! Maybe I should watch ST again! Somehow when I think of that I don’t get annoyed with her anymore. She is pretty cute.

Well she’s gone from Hori now so fans should be relieved but if the rumors are really true and they still are going out, I must say the thought is sweet don’t you think? Annoying but pretty sweet… (?) Ugh I’m watching a fanvid so don’t mind my fanfic-influenced imagination tonight… Anyway, I just wanted to point out that they were pretty close in ST but I never noticed it. Probably because I wasn’t a big fan of ST honestly coz Yama-chan’s acting was a bit inconsistent for me. He’s cute scenes are perfectly cute and his arrogant scenes were really cold but the way he makes the transition wasn’t smooth so I was a bit disappointed to watch it eagerly. I enjoyed TGQ better. But his expressions were really good. Anyway who cares? He was great in HTE and Mariya had just started a live feed I think on her blog? And I will never see Misaki again. How cruel is that?!  By the way in terms of physical beauty I think Mariya and Misaki looks better together. Yama-chan is just too… nah he is a bishounen, yep only thing from a shoujo manga that can come true!

So anyways, I just wasted a page of this blog and minutes typing it and more minutes of you guys reading this but I’m kindah surprised of the things I miss when watching dramas. I really need to focus on my listening and observation skills. Sorry for wasting your time on my ramblings, I wasn’t feeling good all week and will probably continue in a few days to come and I really need an outlet. I really hope JUMP will have more releases and updates coz I’m really starting to get bored waiting. They’ll be in Hey3x this June but not sure when. Nobody uploads SK anymore, I’m starting to wonder if it’s still running, honestly Johnny should really start selling JUMP concert DVDs to keep us busy.
Anyway, one can only hope. Ja na~!

Btw, if you’re a YamaShi fan this vid is really good in terms of editing scenes~

[credits to]
* vkc18 from YT


~ by loveyamachan on June 2, 2010.

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  1. thnka for dis

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