Yamadas: JUMP Member Series #4!

And finally the last edition! Definitely my fave article this year~!!! 😆
JUMP LOVE~!! I can just feel it~ ^3^v

[JUMP Member Series #3 here]

“You used to follow me around saying “Yuto kun, Yuto kun” but not as much now. Yama chan, you’re cheating on me aren’t you.” -Yuuto

Yuuto finally can’t keep it inside, he’s lonely Yama-chan! Hahaha, but if you ask me Yuuto ‘cheated’ first with Keito. But now even Keito’s coming to Yama-chan! 😆 Dai-chan is so right, Yama-chan’s nose flares a lot and smirks often. Though I hate it, now I know why. Ryuutaro you’ll always be Yama-chan’s little bro~! ^^ Although I’m sad for Yama-chan’s school life I can’t help but find it amusing. Still no improvements? It seems the more his image becomes cooler the more they (and I’m guessing it’s the girls) become awkward with him. While Chii and Yuuto remains to be great students that they are, Yama-chan probably, finally gave up ei? Poor kid! He’s like that manga character that people finds intriguing but can’t seem to get near him… There must be something wrong with you? O.o Too much coolness scares off girls, tough luck, yokatta Chii and Yuuto’s with you! Anyways, BEST’s comments made me realize why they don’t have a problem with Yama-chan’s maturity to begin with. I’m glad that he’s not just the center on stage but he’s also somehow well rounded to talk equally with everyone as they seem to gravitate towards him lately~ This article is like HS JUMP Bomber but even better! ^3^v

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Next up: Family Series!

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* jump_daisuki from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on June 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Yamadas: JUMP Member Series #4!”

  1. but in the poll ”the cutest student” from class 1D, Yamachan took 2nd place after Chii, i wonder why… they scare of him but still find him cute?!

  2. they can only talk behind his back maybe? and i guess he spent too much time on his drama maybe he skipped a few school days? but i think he’s fine with the guys, there are only like 7 guys in their class…i think… so the prob must be the girls…. so Shida isn’t friendly with him i think?

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