WaiWai JUMP Vol.1 [DL]

[DL here]

Hmm, I really can’t distinguish who’s who. Yama-chan’s definitely the center, with his unmistakable hair and that makes Chii beside him. The other one would be Dai-chan? Coz he’s smiley and he’s not tall. Yuuto would be the one at the back with the mole, it’s my image of him. Ryuu with the big eyes and Inoo-chan beside him, I think coz he looks naughty. Hikaru with his canine teeth popping out and Keito beside him, he looks nice so I guess that’s him.  So Takaki and Yabu would be either of the two at the back on each side~! Idk but I hope somebody will translate this soon!

[credits to]
* hanarok from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on June 27, 2010.

One Response to “WaiWai JUMP Vol.1 [DL]”

  1. AWWWW this is soo cute! You got most of the members right and Takaki is on the left side of yuto and yabu is on the right side. (^_^)

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