YamaJima: Senpai x Kouhai

“For me, Yuto-kun will always be “Yuto-kun” to me…” -Yama-chan

“Even though I was the one holding onto the mic singing,
the Junior that shone the brightest at the back was always Yama-chan…” -Yuuto

My thoughts exactly! So I’m not the only person who noticed that ei, Yuuto is such a nice person~ This is definitely the best of YamaJima Ai~! ❤ They may not be in the same shows anymore but they see each other almost 24/7, their friendship is way too special to be taken for granted. They’ll still be childhood BFFs~ ^-^(With Dai-chan on Yama-chan’s side, Keito on Yuuto’s and Chii at the middle! Hahaha, where should I put Ryuu? Hmm, at Yama-chan’s back coz they always fight! Kiotsukete!)

“Yama-chan is in lots of dramas, and also dancing in the center of JUMP, when I see him like this, I’ll think ‘he really did his best~’. Yama-chan’s really a diligent person, I know it better than anyone. So for Yama-chan to be how he is now, is totally acceptable.”

Yup! Yuuto let’s support Yama-chan together~ Yay! ^0^

He’s taking good care of Yama-chan whether at school or work, ah I miss YamaJima now… Their contrasting personality is really cute too. Yama-chan, who can be mushy and anxious at times, is the independent type that can survive for himself with confident aura that makes him a role model-leader type but not really the teacher type like Yuuto who seems to like taking care of people. But he’s a star on his own too. Although he’s taking things too serious at times which I usually don’t like, he’s really a nice person. Though he keeps his feeling bottled up inside him but then Yama-chan straightforward temper keeps them balance ne~ I just realize they don’t have a song. They should do a duet someday~

“During the spring concert, Dai-chan saw Yuto-kun’s drum playing, and he said “if we don’t do something like him it’s ba~d”
and I felt a sense of danger.”

Yeah you should do something about it! What happened with your saxophone?!

[credits to]
* ryokimayuu from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on June 27, 2010.

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