~JUMP No.1: 10 days to go!~

Hisashiburi~ I’ve posted 20 translations and 5 DL links to make up for the past weeks. The recent ones are mostly Yama-chan’s so scroll down for the others. Now for the final moment, I dragged myself from laziness coz this has been long over due. JUMP’s album would be released in a few days so I’ll summarize everything we have so far.

The cover is very simple but practical, giving each member equal space. The tracklist includes 17 songs, some which the members wrote the lyrics themselves.
Three names seems to be missing though so they made changes:

Some of the songs lyrics are out and few have been performed live~ Takaki’s Time is a love song, makes me wonder if it’s experience related? Decide for yourself, there’s no perf yet but the lyrics have been translated! And now for the other songs:

HikaBu’s Score, which was out long ago, but honestly I never really paid attention to it.
I like their line distribution though especially Dai-chan and Inoo~

[Watch] or  [DL] or [Lyrics]

Chii’s Smile Song, which I also haven’t paid any attention to until now, gomen!
I haven’t seen the lyrics yet but it sounds so genki~ ^-^

[Audio] or [DL]

And the latest one, Yama-chan’s Shinku (Crimson)! xD

[Watch] or [DL] or [Lyrics]

Haha when this came out I thought kamichan was exaggerating with the ‘2 seconds’ but when the first note started I absolutely liked it~! xD But I’m a bit selfish though, I liked Yama-chan’s little dance at the start so I want it to be a Yama-chan solo. I wanna see him on a concert stage performing this alone, hehehe the melody is so Yama-chan-ish anyway, he’ll do this justice I’m sure, if not more!

Ten more days to go! I’m hoping for a concert performance of these songs, really. Hoping for a concert DVD and lots of performances!

[credits to]
* kamichan
* stevenica from LJ
* shimizumiki from LJ
* rungziiz from YT
* hikarinoniji from LJ
* hanarok from LJ
* takarenchii from YT
* sa718ra from LJ


~ by loveyamachan on June 27, 2010.

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