Friday 13th~!

Hisashiburi~ ^^v It’s been weeks ne? So far JUMP is busy with Summary, Yuuto turned 17 and they’ll be releasing 2010 Ten JUMP Con DVD~! Aside from monthly mag translations, that’s the only news I can think of sharing.

Anyway, it’s Friday the 13th and I spent the whole day without even noticing that. Nothing weird happened but this day I’m particularly happy for 3 reasons. Madonna, Game and A! ^3^v Since it’s Friday 13th, I’ll be posting at least something different this time! As you may know I’m also keeping up with the latest in kpop, at least on the music sense (can’t remember their names to care about gossip). I still like JE idols because I’ve grown to see them as Johnny’s little boys and they’re all brothers in a one big family so it’s easier to remember compared to kpop boy groups which I’m not really interested (in exclusion to Big Bang). But the girl groups are a different story. A lot of groups have been sprouting like weeds nowadays, don’t take that negatively coz I like it! I’m a 2NE1 fan! I love their style, image and member ai. I like all the members but I’m more into them as a group. Although I’m not a fan of others, I love some of their songs or like a particular member! Take SNSD and Wonder Girls, not crazy with them or any of them but I like their recent songs. Same with Kara, T-ara and f (x). I also like 4minute as much as 2NE1~ New groups are also promising such as Miss A and Sistar. Girl’s Day sounds more of Jpop and I think their songs are addictive! Haven’t checked out 9 Muses yet, maybe later~ ( I’m really ‘my pace’ so I really need to catch up…)

This week a lot of groups had their comeback. Groups that I don’t really like nor hate but can listen to their songs. The thing is I don’t remember names, aside from those with English names or the ones that stood out or I particularly liked. So it amused me a little when I discovered myself taking interests in groups that I’m not really crazy about. Like Secret. Magic was quite catchy but I wasn’t really interested in the members until Madonna!  I got their names and I’m hoping to remember them but what struck me was, the 1st girl’s (JiEun?) vocals and  2nd girl’s (HyoSung?) fierce projection, the rapper and maknae are easy to distinguish. I’ve been playing Madonna over and over the entire day!

Next up Rainbow! I’m not interested in names nor can I even tell them apart. But with ‘A’ they’re really getting my attention! It’s way better than Gossip Girl! It’s such a breather to hear something like this. Since Miss A’s  Bad Girl Good Girl, I’ve been hooked in these types of beats. Rainbow really nailed it this time!

Lastly they have been subject to lots of “go back to school” comments but what can I say, H!P has more younger girls than GP Basic! I find Game very catchy and decided to download it and on the process I was hooked to Hannah, Leah and Trinity! Good thing bout this group is they all have English names~ and it’s not that hard to pick which girl stands out! I’m loving them already, just by watching those 3, they’re on top of my list!

[1st: Janey, 2nd: Leader Hannah, 3rd: Leah, 4th: w/ sunglasses Zion, 5th: Trinity,
6th: short hair Amet, you can rarely see her though]

It’s really fun when girl groups release songs and albums one after the other!
Can’t wait for 2NE1’s comeback and GP Basic’s debut!

[credits to]
* iAznSamManMV @ YT
* randomkpop @ YT
* MusicAsian1 @ YT


~ by loveyamachan on August 13, 2010.

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