JUMP @ Shokura [05Dec10]

Hisashiburi~! ^3^v

It’s really been a long time since I’ve posted anything…. I think I’ve posted this before but  the main reason is that lots of translators were angry with the stealing and stuff and the subbers also, so the release of translations after that weren’t much or usually locked in a week and I don’t wanna post something w/c will be eventually locked. There are still some that allows linking back (w/c I mostly do, but some of them aren’t interesting and I just don’t have the time yet =P)  but most says that you can’t post it anywhere else, so it’s really hard to find something to share w/o upsetting the blogger.

But the reason for this highly motivated post is that JUMP has been busy lately with performances of their upcoming single Arigatou. Maybe you’ve watched some of their perfs in SK or YY Jumping and the one from Hey3… This time they were guests in SC! I think it’s worth posting coz this is my fave perf so far since there’s 10 of them, you can really see the full formations and choreo. Still the dance isn’t too much for me but the song is good. I still have to watch all the clips but you can check it out HERE

For those who haven’t see the PV preview yet:

So what else? They’ve released JUMP No.1 this year, they have a new single and they’re releasing a Summary DVD (Circus)! NYC will be in Kouhaku again but I bet BEST will be in the countdown~! They might have a pre-recorded perf as JUMP but that’ll leave the rest at the sidelines again… But just one more year and 9/10 will be in the countdown! And for those who are following the JRs, their singing battle: Nenmatsu Young Touzai Uta Gassen! Touzai Jr. Senbatsudaishugo 2010 held last November will be aired on New Year’s eve so I think everyone should be quite happy as we celebrate the New Year with the JRs and sempai groups!

Hmm, one more thing that bothers me though is Yama-chan’s hair. Idk but can you guys tell me if he’s filming something I’m not aware of yet? Coz as far as I know he can’t just dye his hair while still in Hori and seeing how Yuuto and Chii’s hair are still black…it’s really puzzling. I do hope for a drama even though I know lots would complain but I don’t think he’ll have time now especially when they’re graduating?

Anyway Arigatou PV, Summary DVD and someone is already working on the subs for 10 JUMP Concert DVD! Really hope they’ll have more work next year after everyone graduates high school! Except Ryuu ofcourse and well I’m also hoping some, if not all, of 7 will decide to pursue entering university~ ^^v Well Keito’s for sure Idk about YamaJimaChii…? Anyway that’s it for now, enjoy!

[credits to]
* kamichan ❤
* tokyohive
* 15arachi @ YT


~ by loveyamachan on December 10, 2010.

One Response to “JUMP @ Shokura [05Dec10]”

  1. Hahahaha~ They’re graduating soon~ ♥ Weeee~ hahahaha. xD

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