Yassie desu~!

Hajimemashite, Yassie desu! Yoroshiku~! πŸ˜‰

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

[1] Internet related activities:
internet surfing, blogging, reading manga online, watching anime and jdorama, checking and updating my accounts, download videos and mp3, check on my friends profiles, sending mails and chatting…

[2] Shopping and Collecting stuff:
clothes & accessories, shoes, bags, perfumes, books, travel pictures & souvenirs

[3] Really wants to but too lazy and mostly no time to:
read my new books, update my iPod and excercise!

[4] I really want to learn and study more on:
my japanese, wanna try spanish too and knitting (just so hard)

[What I love to do]
go around town and take pictures or videos, get lots of sleep! go shopping!Β  eat everything made of chocolates! πŸ˜€

[What makes my day]
getting mails from friends, receiving comments from my readers, finding new updates, getting enough sleep, shopping! πŸ˜†

[What irritates me]
basically just don’t make me do anything i don’t want, other than that, i’m not the moody or cranky type of person…

[What I would love to do in the future]
travel all around the world
{and take lots of pictures and videos~!!!}

[Ultimate Dream]
Go to Japan and…

[1] go to cherry blossom festival and walk around Kyoto in a kimono
[2] shop and hang around Harajuko and Shibuya
[3] go to anime shops in Akihabara and anime museum in Sapporo
[4] take a lot and lots and lots of pictures and videos!
[5] see a Hey! Say! JUMP Concert~!!!!

and…see YAMA-CHAN for real~!!!!! πŸ˜€

I’m a bit hopeless ne~? πŸ˜‰


19 Responses to “Yassie desu~!”

  1. HELLO!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yama-chan 2!!!!
    where do u get all the pictures?!?!?!?!
    ur r soooo awesome!!!
    LOVE ur website!!!!!
    how do u get the pix of yamada going 2 school!??!?!
    COOL!! hope u reply!! πŸ˜›

    MARINA πŸ˜€

  2. Arigatou gozaimasu~ ^0^
    Sometimes I just snip the pics from the videos~
    For the other pics, mostly from my groups or blogs that I follow everyday~
    I don’t know where to look for any info about them when I just started but I guess the more you like something, it’s like *when there’s a will, there’s a way* XD

  3. doitashimashite~!
    wow u have a group?
    coooool!!!! πŸ˜€
    have u benn 2 their concerts yet??


  4. nope but i wish!
    i wanna go to one of their concerts someday~ XD

  5. ohhh….
    its really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    there iz sooo many people but i LOVE it!!!!!
    the next one iz the summer concert!!!!!
    I HAVE 2 GO!!!!!!! or else i will die….

  6. good for you~
    but the heat is so crazy!
    JE concerts looks so much fun~
    i WILL go someday!! XD

  7. KK!!!!
    Wait….Yumas in B.I.S?????
    And y iz Misaki gone??!?!
    and…and…y us Yugo there?!?!?
    I dont get it!! >_<

  8. i was totally heart broken…..
    I still don`t have the energy to clearly say my thoughts…
    spent the night yelling my frustration to my sis, imagining im facing Johnny…

    Yuma is one reason to be mad about but Misaki gone just made me crazy!
    i don`t care if yuugo is there just where the hell is my Misaki!

  9. I KNOW!!!!!
    omg, y did Mr.Johnny have 2 do that!!!!
    i dont like yuma…..

  10. me too but, not that i’ll like yuma but i think i’ll get over it…
    misaki is a nice guy, he’ll be fine whatever path he choses…
    fuma and ken are still all smiles and both of them are stubborn competitive fighters so i don’t think yuma can hog all the attention…
    hokku is so hot and he’s there so all i have to watch is him!
    yuugo….he’ll learn, it’s JE after all, but kindah feel sorry for him…
    it was hard for tesshi and keito, i think it’s harder for him…

  11. ohh
    when they saw black eyed peas they were like YEAH!!!!!!
    haha thats was funny!!!!!
    i love them all except one person….

  12. If it’s Yuma I have no problem with that~

  13. by the way, i noticed you leave your comments on one of my pages…
    you can leave the comment on the post, just click on the title and you can leave your comments on the bottom part~ ^-^

  14. ok…which one would b better?? i have no clue how 2 do that!!

    oh yea u know misaki quit Johnnys Association!!!

  15. which one? the comments?
    hmm it’s better if you leave them on the post coz sometimes when i read comments i forgot what we’re talking about esp when a lot of people leave comments, so i look at the title of the post so i can remember~ just click the title of the post and you can leave your comments at the bottom…
    like if you wanna comment on School kakumei Ep 10, click on the title and scroll to the very bottom….

  16. Uwaaiii~ Pretty hat on the picture, ne~? :3

    A lot of people I know seem to love Yamada-chan from HSJ. XD I adoreadoreadore Ryutaro-chan! ;D

    So cute~

  17. arigato! most of his die hard fans i would guess were pretty new to the fandom, i think… they’re used to seeing him upfront but half of his fans i hope are like me who got to know him even before he was at the front… Ryuu is in my top 2 tied with Chii and Yuuto~ ^^ He’s like Yama-chan’s little bro, they’re both tough guys!

  18. yassie-chan hontou kawaii.. you know, you’re usually on my blog posts about yamada when I credit people.. arigatou.. also, i love your thoughts and comments about Yamada.. even about the rumors πŸ˜‰

  19. arigatou~! rumors entertains us a bit don’t you think? i really want another yama-chan drama soon! haha~

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