Love Blog~?

Konnichi wa~! πŸ˜€

Actually I was never that fond of blogging. I often wonder why a lot people likes it.

My first post ever was about my board exam. That time I got to spend one of the most memorable moments of my life not only with my friends but also with new acquaintances and mentors. After I went home, I looked at the pictures and I just felt that I really need to say what’s on my mind that moment.

I have a journal but no matter how hard I try, the entries usually contains about what I’ve missed to write in the past few weeks. That time I remembered my blog and I just started to post the pics and write things down and there it is!

I can say that the events I post on my blog happened recently compared to what I write on my journal which spans to at least 4 mos ago! πŸ˜› I guess it’s bcoz the words on my mind flows so fast that typing can catch up better than writing in pen…ne~ πŸ˜‰

But the interest in blogging is mostly due to Yama-chan. I’m a big fan and I started to attract people with my FS profile which is full of Yama-chan’s face everywhere, so whenever I find new things about him, I share it with my new friends. In the end the updates and friends began to increase till I can’t follow up anymore so I decided to post it in my blog! And so, my daily blogging began! πŸ˜€

And somehow it feels good ne~ it’s like a scrapbook and journal in one!

I hope to keep this blog going for as long as I can!

For those who reads my blog constantly, arigatou~!

I hope you enjoy everytime you visit!


Yassie deshita~! n_n


12 Responses to “Love Blog~?”

  1. hi~!!!!!!!thank you for the new me and my sister can watch the school kakumei..^____^….arigato ne~!im also a fan of yamada ryosuke but i dont know how to get updates about him,but bcoz of ur blogs i can read updates about hsj and yamada ryosuke…hontou ni arigato~!!!!

  2. aww~ ^-^
    arigatou for reading my blog~ XD
    i’m trying to replace the deleted episodes and put more subbed ones..
    hope you enjoy it~

  3. i will definitely enjoy watching hey say7..heheh…cant wait for the 9th ep of school kakumei~!!!^________^

  4. I’ve read your blog in FS.. It was so fun reading it, full of Yama-chan.. *laughs* I like him too.. πŸ˜€

  5. really? thanks~ ^-^
    i started that one coz i made a lot of JUMP mostly Yama-chan FS friends so i usually update them till i have a lot, really like 20+ friend requests everyday so i decided to start a blog~! i post updates on each of their profiles whenever i can but there’s just too many of them that i can’t take it anymore….
    i rarely use FS now but some of them would drop by from time to time….
    i stopped posting on FS when i created this one though you can see that i transferred all old posts in FS to this blog…

  6. uhmm…can i get ur friendster account??^^

  7. sure~ just send me a msg too so ill know it’s you…

    but it’s been under construction for months and i just don’t know how to update it anymore….

  8. thank you~!!!
    and sure ill just msg u there..hehe^^

  9. i already add u there~!!!!!!!pls accept me neh?..heehe..^^

  10. hei,,im a yama-chan fan too.. i added u in my FS..hope u accept it..hehe,,

  11. really? thanks~
    my FS is underconstruction for months …
    i really wanna fix it but too lazy to do it so i haven’t checked any notifications yet…
    i hope to finish it soon!

  12. yea! i saw that it’s underconstruction..
    but no problem..
    i’ll patiently wait for your acceptance πŸ˜€

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